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Spotlight on Tobie Chandler

This week I sat down with Tobie Chandler, Office Administrator at the Blairsville-Union County Chamber of Commerce. Tobie is a top-notch office professional unlike any other! Here are her responses to some of our candid questions.

 When did you start working with the Chamber?

I was fortunate to begin working at the Blairsville-Union County Chamber of Commerce on April18, 2011.

Tell us your favorite thing you do in your position?

My favorite thing to do in my position is EVERYTHING! I enjoy the daily variety of my job. Whether I am working with Chamber members, visitors, planning events, or writing our e-newsletters, there is always a good balance in my workload. If you really pressed me for ONE thing, I would say sharing the abundant beauty and activities our County offers to visitors.

Tell us about your most embarrassing Chamber moment?

My most embarrassing moment at the Chamber actually happened only a few weeks after I began my employment. I was processing incoming payments and had separated my check pile from my “stub” pile. As I was shredding all the stubs, I accidently picked up from the wrong pile and shredded a $2,000 check! Eeek! Ever since then I have been terrified of shredders!

What would people reading this be surprised to know about you?

Some people might be surprised to know that my favorite hobby is crochet. I cannot tell you that I’m very good at it, but I still love it! For me, crochet is a great way to relax in the evenings and I really enjoy seeing my finished projects.

When you aren’t working, what do you like to do?

When I am not working my passion is my family. Having a young daughter is like the whole world being new again. Just walking down our dirt road is an adventure through her little eyes which makes it an adventure to me too! Wherever I am and whatever I’m doing I am a happy woman if my daughter and husband are accompanying me.

How can our readers reach you?Tobie

I can be reached by phone at 706-745-5789 or email at

Spotlight On Debra Edwards

Debra Edwards, Information Specialist

Debra Edwards, Information Specialist

This week I want to put the spotlight on Debra Edwards, Information Specialist at the Blairsville-Union County Chamber of Commerce. Debra is always a smiling face and a wealth of knowledge in the Welcome Center. Debra and I sat down for a Q & A session and here are her responses. When did you start working with the Chamber? October 31st – Halloween in 2006 Tell us your favorite thing you do in your position? I have the best seat in the Chamber, because my desk is located in the lobby area of our Chamber. To my right I can see out across the beautiful Butternut Creek Golf Course. Straight ahead I can see the fireplace in the Butternut Creek Golf Pro Shop, and it is ever inviting when it is lit. To my left I can see the southern mountain range. I enjoy assisting visitors with activities, where they can eat, or maybe they’re looking for places to shop. I meet people from all over. I love finding out where they are from and where they are going. The important part of my job is making sure that I always represent our chamber in a positive way, because I’m often the first person with whom our visitors connect. I always want our visitors to have a pleasant experience. What are some of the strangest question you’ve ever been asked in the Welcome Center? Two of my favorites are, “Is it going to snow on Christmas Day?” and “Can you tell me what day the leaves are going to peak?” Visitors will come in quite often to tell me their GPS sent them up 400 and across 19/129N to Blairsville, a beautiful ride unless you get a little car sick, so their question is, “Is there an easier way back to I-75?” What would people reading this be surprised to know about you? I ride a motorcycle. It is a Honda Silverwing Scooter. We have eight of us that enjoy riding on the weekends, and I always say we ride to EAT! When you aren’t working, what do you like to do? My passion is at home on the weekends with my husband. We enjoy working together. Can you believe that after 28 years! I love animals of any kind and right now our family consists of 4 older cats that have been with us at least16 years and one 2 year old adopted female named Sylvester. The men at the shop didn’t know she was a female! My husband and I also enjoy camping with family and friends. My daughter and granddaughter live in Ocala, Florida so I always look forward to visiting with them in the summer. How can our readers reach you? I always love seeing old friends and new visitors in the Welcome Center, but I can also be reached by phone at 706-745-5789 or email at

Blairsville Connect


Several months ago, I introduced the concept of podcasting in this weekly article. For those unfamiliar, a podcast is similar to a radio program in that it is a broadcast; however, they differ in that a podcast is an online, prerecorded radio program over the Internet that consists of audio or video files. The format can be anything from audiobooks and poetry to sports commentaries and more.   The topics are unlimited and can satisfy almost any inquisitive mind. It was also at that time that we introduced Blairsville Connect, a podcast forum dedicated to connecting listeners with today’s business and civic leaders in the Blairsville-Union County area.

Since the launch of Blairsville Connect in February of this year, almost 30 local businesses and organizations have had the opportunity to introduce themselves to our listeners. We have covered a wide range of topics including real estate, restaurants, festivals, and attractions. Listeners have learned about new businesses in the area and ones that they may not yet have discovered. They have also been given tips on accessorizing a wardrobe, how to select the best wine to pair with your meal, and the health benefits of reflexology. A lot is happening on Blairsville Connect. Are you listening?

You can hear past and future episodes by visiting or by liking the Chamber on facebook at For the more tech savvy readers, our podcasts are also available on iTunes. No matter which way you choose to listen, we hope you will plan to join us each week and connect with the people who make our community so great.

Blairsville Connect is a collaborative effort of Ben Boykin with Emergent Interactive, Sammy Ensley with Double Knob Entertainment and the Blairsville-Union County Chamber of Commerce. If you would like to learn more about podcasting or have a particular topic you would like us to discuss, please contact the Chamber at 706-745-5789 or me directly at