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The Family in the Manger

Merry Christmas! This special time of year always evokes many magical

Williams Family in Ireland

Williams Family in Ireland

emotions for me. Feelings of excitement, anticipation, joy, and love top the list. While I typically separate my work life from my personal life, I can’t help but blend the two this week. Why not? It’s Christmas!

Christmas is, among many things, about the birth of a child and the start of a family. When I think about the image of the Manger with Mary and Joseph looking at their beautiful baby, I can’t help but be inspired by the heavenly gift of a loving family. A gift that was given to me and one that I will never take for granted. My family, specifically my parents Larry and Jennie Williams, are the focus of my thoughts today.

When I think about the gift of my faith and understanding of the true meaning of Christmas, I have them to thank for raising me in the Church. When I think about the many luxuries in life that I have been so fortunate to enjoy, I have them to thank for working hard to provide them for me. When I think of the education that I have received which is a foundation for my success in life, I have them to thank for teaching me and believing in me along the way. When I think about the dedication it takes to be successful at my job, I have them to thank for instilling in me the desire to work hard. When I think about the joy that I receive from helping and being kind to others, I have them to thank for demonstrating compassion for those around them.

When I consider each of the qualities and skills for which I am proud to possess, my mind always turns to my parents who have guided me in a direction that has been most rewarding for me. I firmly believe that the key to our success as a community, as a society, as a nation, and as a world begins right at home with a loving family. I am so blessed to carry the name Williams, and my burning desire is to pass on the lessons they have taught me. May the family in the Manger be an inspiration for us all. Merry Christmas!

Are You Extraordinary?

A friend of mine recently shared an article with me from entitled “10 Things Extraordinary People Say Every Day.” While amazingly simplistic in content, the message served as a nice reminder to me, and I feel compelled to share a few of those items with you this week.



“Here’s what I’m thinking.” – This is so much better than, “No. You’re wrong.” No matter what level of authority you have in your organization or in a given situation, never force your ideas or thoughts on someone else. Be willing to gently and tactfully share your thoughts, but allow others the opportunity to do so as well.

“That was awesome.” – Give freely of your praise. Everyone likes to feel appreciated. A nice pat on the back can go a long way with your employees or your acquaintances. Complimenting someone’s effort helps motivate them and build rapport between the two of you.

“I was wrong.” – Most times when you are wrong, everyone else already knows it. Trying to hide it or make excuses only sheds a negative light on you. Admit your mistakes and be willing to learn from them. Others will respect your willingness to acknowledge your imperfections.

“Can you help me?” – Once again, no matter what level of the authority you have, never be afraid to ask for help. It is not a sign of weakness, but rather a sign of humility. It also demonstrates that you respect the person you are asking and trust their capabilities.

“I’m sorry.” – We all do things at times that warrant an apology. When that time comes, say you’re sorry and mean it. Don’t be tempted to follow an apology with “But I was really mad” or “But you were doing this” When you say you’re sorry, be willing to take all the blame and move on.

“Let me give you a hand.” – Don’t let an opportunity to help pass by you. Always be willing to offer your assistance and be specific in what you are able to do. Many people will decline a generic offer to help, but if you are specific and genuine in your approach, your efforts will be greatly appreciated.

If you would like to read the full article by Jeff Haden, simply go to and use the search bar to find the article by its title. I wish you all success in your communications! If you would like to find out more about how the Chamber can help grow your business, please call us at 706-745-5789 or email me directly at

Now Is The Time

So many opportunities in life revolve around timing, and this week I UCCG14_Cover_Sm (3)present one such opportunity. Each year, the Blairsville-Union County Chamber prints a membership directory as part of our Community Guide. This printed directory is a valuable complimentary addition to your chamber membership, but you must be an active member in good standing on the directory deadline of December 16, 2013. If you or someone you know has been considering chamber membership, let me encourage you to act now so that you will be part of the 2014 Community Guide and Membership Directory.

All businesses, organizations, and individuals who have a vested interest in the prosperity and wellbeing of Blairsville-Union County are invited into the membership of our chamber. For a nominal investment, members gain access to a variety of tools, resources, and people, all of which contribute to the personal and professional success of the member. Through benefits such as special event invitations and marketing and promotional avenues, membership provides opportunities for your growth and development.

Whether you are looking to join the chamber for the first time or rejoin after a period of inactivity, we are ready to partner with you. It is time to join forces with over 550 local businesses and individuals who are part of our membership. Contact the chamber at 706-745-5789 to schedule an appointment or go to and fill out the online application. Membership can start working for you today!


Need a reason to shop local this Christmas?  How about 32 of them!  The Blairsville-Union County Chamber of Commerce invites you to take part in our Jingle Bell Buys weekend event.  Thirty two local merchants are offering discounts on hot Christmas gift items during normal business hours on Thursday, December 5 through Saturday, December 7.  For three days only, savvy shoppers can take advantage of a variety of “buy one get one free”deals and featured50% off items.  Whether you are a newcomer to the area, ready to discover all that Union County has to offer, or a long time resident who believes in supporting the businesses who make our local economy strong, this event is for you.

Jingle Bell Buys Sponsors

Jingle Bell Buys Sponsors

To receive this year’s coupons, simply go to or call the Chamber of Commerce at 706-745-5789.  If you would like to subscribe to future email coupon promotions, and never miss another great sale, go to, click Newsletter Signup and subscribe to Buy Local Coupons & Events.

As you wrap up your shopping on Saturday, December 7th, be sure to stop by the Blairsville-Union County Chamber of Commerce located in the Union County Community Center between 3pm and 6pm to experience our Holly Jolly Christmas and Tour of Trees free community event. Bring your family and enjoy refreshments, kids’ activities, and musical performances.  You can also tour the beautiful Christmas trees and wreaths that are sponsored by our local Chamber Members. Trees and wreaths will remain on display through the month of December.

A special thanks to the Northeast Georgia Board of Realtors Union County for sponsoring the Tour of Trees and the following local businesses who are participating in the Jingle Bell Buys Weekend: The Vacuum Store, Struts Shoe Store, Natural Treatments for Brain & Body, Mary Kay Cosmetics – Roberta L. Ford, Aspen Hearth & Home, Stitch & Whimsy, Mountain Yoga, Premier Designs Jewelry by Alysia Hargus, Waffle House, Curves of Blairsville, Union County Historical Society, Pat’s Hallmark Shop, reVive! Reflexology & Natural Therapies, Huddle House, Blimpie Subs & Salads, Old Country Store, Union Power Sports, Mountain Crossings, SherryO Arts & Crafts & Gail’s Gifts, Candles By Jean, Origami Owl, The Aviator Café, Nelson’s ACE Hardware, Alpha Drug Testing Services, From Me 2 U Gifts, Azzarello Photography, Fabric Center and Quilt Shop, The Clothes Rack, Big Bear Antiques, GnG Bakery & Café, Robynne’s Nest Gifts, and Junebug’s Consignment Cottage.