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Win $1000!

515-fw-versionThe Blairsville-Union County Chamber of Commerce would like to extend a warm invitation to you and all of your family and friends to join us at our annual community fireworks display to be held on Friday, July 4 from Meeks Park.  The show will begin after dark and is certain to be a memorable one.

As in past years, the Chamber is again offering chances to win $1000 by making a $10 donation toward the fireworks display.  The winner will be drawn on the evening of the fireworks, and does not have to be present to win.  Tickets are available from Chamber Board Members, Ambassadors, and at the Chamber office within the Union County Community Center at 129 Union County Recreation Road.  Please consider a donation that will ensure the continuation of such a great show in Blairsville.

The Chamber would like to say a special thanks to Woodmen of the World, a not for profit organization offering a variety of insurance and investment options, who is helping sponsor this year’s event.  We also thank the Union County Commissioner’s Office, Union County Sheriff’s Office, Union County Fire Department and Union County Recreation Department for providing event support in the form of fire and public safety, traffic control, and parking.

For a list of additional events happening this year and for a variety of great coupons and offers, visit to our website at or call us at 706-745-5789.

Keep Our Roads Beautiful

Fall DriveIf you have been in Union County very long, there is no doubt you have heard and most likely used the word beautiful to describe our landscape. Our mountains, lakes, waterfalls, and streams make our county among the most beautiful in the country. As fortunate as we are to work, live, and visit here, this beauty is an asset that can quickly be ruined by simple carelessness. I’m talking about trash on our roads and the impact it has on all of us. This damaging problem is easy to correct. Only simple changes on our part are required, but it takes a community wide effort. Today I’m reaching out to you and asking for your support in keeping our roadways beautiful.

If you are one who contributes to roadside trash, here are a few things to consider. The beauty of Union County is the product we sell.   As a Chamber, we are selling it to our visitors whose loyalty keeps local business profitable and local people employed. Real estate agents use it to sell homes and properties to their clients which also keeps our economy vibrant. Local government uses it to sell the area to businesses looking to locate in Union County which creates more jobs. Finally, each of us uses the beauty of our surrounding for our own happiness and quality of life. A clean, tidy environment is good for the economy, good for jobs, good for happiness, and good for future generations.

So here are a few easy suggestions to help keep our roadways clean. Keep a trash bag in your car to toss candy wrappers, napkins, and miscellaneous garbage that often ends up on our roads. Consider placing an attractive trashcan in front of your place of business. Visibility and accessibility of trashcans will keep our roads cleaner. Do not toss loose garbage in the back of your truck which can easily blow out. Cover open beds so that garbage does not end up on the roadways. Properly dispose of household garbage by making regular trips to the transfer station or hiring a pickup service. Lakes, steep banks, or back roads are not appropriate places to dump your garbage. Finally, be willing to pick up stray pieces of trash as you walk through your community.

These small changes can make a big difference. Keeping the roads clean can mean big returns for all of us and county resources put to much better use. Thank you to the many groups and individuals who volunteer their valuable time to clean our roadways.

Welcome Yvette Estevez

Yvette Estevez

Yvette Estevez

The Blairsville-Union County Chamber of Commerce is delighted to welcome Yvette Estevez as the newest addition to our growing team. Yvette will serve as the Chamber’s Office Administrator to replace Tobie Chandler who has been promoted to a newly created Tourism Director position. Yvette was previously employed by a municipality in South Florida for nine years before relocating to Blairsville. She and her fiancé bought a home in Blairsville in 2011 and, like many, found it harder and harder to leave each time they visited. Yvette made Blairsville her full time home this past Thanksgiving Day. She loves the majestic mountains and the friendly people she has already met.

Yvette will be a valuable addition to the Chamber staff. She brings a wealth of knowledge and passion, and aspires to make a difference in people’s lives for the betterment of the community. As an experienced and dedicated employee, along with her vast office administrative and customer service skill set, she will quickly become an asset to our organization. Yvette possesses a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration.

Yvette states, “Doing my very best and experiencing the satisfaction of doing well has carried me to endure my goals. I draw my strength from friends, family, prayer, and positive affirmations. Being productive and supportive motivates and encourages me.” To climb the ladder of success, one must serve in a manner that encourages confidence, trust and loyalty. These are qualities that Yvette most definitely encompasses and will bring to Blairsville.