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Checking Out North Georgia and the Appalachian Trail

Step away from the stress of everyday life and take a trip back to enjoy the beauties of nature’s creation by visiting North Georgia in Union County. This area is filled with many gorgeous picturesque areas with many opportunities to enjoy a family vacation or even a weekend getaway. Being one with nature and basking in all of its glory is a true experience especially when exploring the Appalachian Trail.

The Appalachian Trail that goes through the North Georgia area is only a mere portion of the trail itself. The trail actually crosses over fourteen different states and at least sixty different national and state parks. Over seventy-six miles of the trail goes through Georgia. People who want to hike the Appalachian Trail have many different areas in the Union County area to camp out and take in all of the nature that the trail has to offer.

Not only are there winding pathways, gorgeous trees towering overhead, and mountains in the panoramic view, but there is also opportunities to see several natural species of wildflowers and animals in their natural protected habitat. Winding trails branch off of the Appalachian and the views from different areas of the trail offer views of the Blue Ridge Mountains that are spectacular. Hundreds of smaller nature trails branch off into various directions so it is a good idea to take a map.

For hiking enthusiasts, the Appalachian Trail in North Georgia is a paradise and dream excursion. At some points it may even be tougher than the average hiker typically would experience. The hike in itself will be tough work on even the most athletic of all climbers but the up and down peaks on the trail is an absolute site to be seen. There are places on the trail that could bring tears to one’s eye because it can be hard to fathom nature in all of its glory.

There are cascading waterfalls in the depths of the forest. The Appalachian Trail itself even has a rich cultural history from when there was a gold rush so many years ago. There were also several battles of the Civil War fought on this trail, changing history books in the United States forever.

If an avid fisherman is in tow, there are also several areas where people can cast a line and wait to get a bite in one of the many lakes and streams on the Appalachian Trail. The Blue Ridge Mountains are near Lake Conasauga and it is the highest lake in Georgia, resting at least 3,000 feet above sea level.

Throughout the year, one great draw to the area of Blairsville, Georgia, are the numerous hikes on the Appalachian Trail that encourages hikers to come and go on various hikes in groups. These are typically put on by the Georgia Appalachian Trail Club. There are also accommodations and camping sites that are nearby so that everyone can get geared up for the experience of their life on the North Georgia Appalachian Trail.