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Top 5 Reasons to Move Your Business to Blairsville

Blairsville is a beautiful town and an ideal place for raising a family, growing a business and living the life you’ve always wanted. We are confident that whether you move your existing business or build a new one from the ground up, Blairsville can give you the people and resources you need to be successful. To help start your decision making process, we’ve put together a list of our top five reasons you should consider moving your business and family to Blairsville.

  1. Find Your Perfect Mix of Business and Pleasure
    There is an old adage that goes “If you do something you love, you never have to go to work a day in your life.” In Blairsville, we want our business owners to succeed in doing what they love as much as we want them to love the place they work. Blairsville has the infrastructure and workforce to accommodate your needs, as well as vast leisure activities and an exceptionally high quality of living – making your workplace feel more like a vacation destination. Watch this video to hear from local business owner, Chris Wadle, to see how relocation to Blairsville enabled him to pursue both his career aspirations and personal passions.
  1. Entrepreneurs Welcome Here
    We love new ventures in Blairsville and will work alongside you to assist in your business needs. Blairsville offers a low tax rate and helpful resources to start and grow your business. The Blairsville Chamber of Commerce can provide assistance to members with anything from advertising to professional development. Also, the Union County Development Authority provides extensive information about being an “Entrepreneur Friendly Community,” and even has a guide to help entrepreneurs with planning, financing, and licensing.
  1. Big City Benefits, Small Town Comforts
    For entrepreneurs looking to have all the benefits of a metropolitan area without all the stresses of city life, Blairsville is the ideal location. Just a two hour drive from Atlanta and three other major cities, Blairsville is close enough to several major cities to easily accommodate work you may have in those areas – without the long commutes and concrete jungles of urban areas.Business in Blairsville comes with a slower pace of life and tight-knit community without sacrificing modern technology. Blairsville has top of the line broadband services with a 100% fiber network, meaning your internet speed will be just as great in your Blairsville office as it would be in any major city. Blairsville can even accommodate call and data centers with ease.
  1. Blairsville is Family Friendly
    Blairsville has everything you need to grow your family. With a wide range of leisure activities and a top-rated school system and hospital, relocation for your family has never been easier. Your family can thrive in a community that strives to build up a future generation of leaders. Watch this video to hear from local business owner and mom, Ilke Lander, to hear how Blairsville has a focus on family.
  1. A Growing Tourism Industry
    The Georgia Department of Economic Development reported that tourism in Georgia is a $59 billion industry. Nestled in the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains, Blairsville has its own robust tourism industry that is continually growing and seeking new ways to increase visitors, thanks to the dedication of local businesses and the Chamber of Commerce. Blairsville has parks, trails, mountains, festivals, lakes, waterfalls, events, wedding venues, wineries, and many other exciting activities that attract thousands of visitors each year. As tourism continues to grow, so will your business and your outreach.

For more information on Blairsville or to look into opening your business in this friendly mountain town, visit www.visitblairsvillega.com.