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The Beauty Of Union County Georgia

Nature presents itself in one of its beautiful best in the Union County, North Georgia. The county, which is famous for its Blue Ridge Mountain and sorghum syrup, is also the backdrop for many festivals and the stage for a number of theaters, concerts, parades, and more. It has all the signs that are inherent in any busy, thriving town. But most importantly, the Union County is adorable for the variety it offers to every resident and traveler. On one hand it is one of the choicest canvases of Nature and on the other it is one of the most-loved destinations for many activities including camping, hiking, fishing, or simply vacationing.

The Unicoi State Park in Helen has some of the most awesome camping spots. Depending on the campsites chosen, one may avail of such facilities as water, electricity, fire ring, picnic tables, and the space for two RV’s or tents. One of the sites even has covered platforms and makes tents redundant. Most of the campgrounds have an easy access to a store located in the middle of the loop road. Various items including drinks, snacks, souvenirs, nature books, basic camping and fishing supplies, firewood, and ice are available in the store.

At the foothills of the Blood Mountain in the Chattahoochee National Forest stands the oldest and one of the most fascinating state parks of North Georgia, the Vogel State Park. Hikers have a number of options when it comes to trails. The popular ones include the four mile Bear Hair Gap loop and the thirteen mile Coosa Backcounty Trail. Out of these two trails the Bear Hair Gap is easier to explore and leads to the Trahlyta Falls. The park is not only beautiful in itself but driving up to it presents another wonderful experience. Visitors driving from the south come through a beautiful mountain pass located near Brasstown, Neel Gap. The riot of Fall colors that adds a new appeal to the Blue Ridge Mountains makes this park in the Union County particularly popular. People flock to the park during this time to drink in the beauty of the reds and oranges that drape the Blue Ridge Mountains and make it look like a rolling blanket of a thousand splendid shades. Cottages, campsites, and backpacking sites designed to resemble a primitive look adds a generous amount of adventurous appeal to the place.

The most beautiful falls finds its home in the Chattahoochee National Forest. Known as the Anna Ruby Falls, it is created by two creeks: the Curtis Creek and the York Creek. Out of these two the former drops one-hundred-and-fifty-three feet while the latter is comparatively much shorter yet it drops an awesome fifty feet. The water that is found at the bottom of the falls is known to be a part of the Smith Creek which eventually forms the Smith Lake. This Lake is the centerpiece of the Unicoi State Park.

The beauty that blossoms around the Anna Ruby Falls has come to be known as the Anna Ruby Falls Scenic Area. There are many interesting trails in the area which make it particularly popular among adventurous hikers. And after a long day in the lap of nature what better way to unwind than stay in the beautiful resorts that redefine the whole experience!

Visiting the Smoky Mountains in the North Georgia Region

Located in Union County in North Georgia is not only the Blue Ridge Mountains, but the Smoky Mountains are also in the vicinity. These mountains in the Blairsville area are thought to be some of the oldest mountains in the United States and regardless of whether or not you are an adventuresome person that likes to take the hardest hikes or subject yourself to white water rafting in the area, it is unmistakable that the beauty of nature exists among these mountain ranges.

There are many legends of the Smoky Mountains and the Blue Ridge Mountains as well as mystery and mystique. A vacation getaway to the North Georgia region to visit the Smoky Mountains will enlighten you on the luck of the stone covered grave that offers good fortune on Witch of Cedar Mountain. The real mystery is behind how nature created such a beautiful area and how Union County in North Georgia has been so lucky to be able to share its wonders with many visitors.

Whether it is for a weekend getaway, vacation, a trip to solitude, an adventure, recreational activities in the area or even a honeymoon, the Smoky Mountains have so much to offer for people of all ages. Plus, there is something to do during all seasons. While many guests to the Union County area are looking for something to do, one way to take advantage of the gorgeous scenery in the area is by car. A leisurely drive on the roadways will allow visitors to bask in the glory of these majestic towering panoramas.

Throughout the landscape of the Smoky Mountains are numerous recreational activities for all people to embark upon. The state and federal parks dot the areas and many of them offer amenities such as cabins for people to stay, awaking to the glorious fresh air within the Smoky Mountains.

After sitting on the front porch of a rental cabin to start the morning, you might find that hiking on one of the many nature trails is a wonderful and exhilarating. There are also watersports such as fishing, canoeing and rafting. For other recreational activities, saddle up and enjoy a trail via horseback or even mountain biking to get the adrenaline surging. It is also a great place just to enjoy the nearby dining, shopping or even to spend the afternoon picnicking.

When visiting Union County in North Georgia to see the Smoky Mountains, it will be a memory in the making. Never forget to pack a camera so that you can capture these memories. Though they will not quite be as breathtaking as the area is in real life, you will still have a keepsake to remember the vacation by. Every time you break out a picture of those memorable moments spent in Blairsville, it is a good idea to remember that it may just always be the perfect travel destination. With so much to do in the area, a trip to the Smoky Mountains will never disappoint.

4 Great Warm Weather Activities

The leaves are finally back on the trees, and the sun is starting to shine over Blairsville-Union County.  For those of us who live here, we often need to be reminded of the many fun activities that surround us during the Spring and Summer seasons.  Here are just a few of the reasons visitors flock to Union County this time of year.

  1. Water, Water Everywhere:  Spend some time on of our three lakes – Nottely, Winfield Scott, or Trahlyta – and choose your activity.  Boating, fishing, skiing, kayaking or pedal boats make great lake activities.  Don’t have the right equipment or need a guide to show you the ropes?  The Chamber has a variety of members that can help.  If waterfalls are more your speed, we have plenty of those too.  A waterfalls guide can be obtained in the Chamber’s Welcome Center or requested online at www.VisitBlairsvilleGA.com.
  2. See The Sites – If you feel like you are always seeing the same parts of Union County from the same perspective, venture out a bit.  Have you seen the view atop Brasstown Bald?  How about the lovely countryside while horseback riding?  Many of the hiking trails that wind throughout the county offer incredible views that might literally take your breath away.
  3. Step Back In History – Have you ever toured the Historic Union County Courthouse or the Mountain Life Museum?  Have you seen the Trackrock Petroglyphs up close?  How about the new Byron Herbert Reece Farm & Heritage Center or the CCC Museum at Vogel State Park?  Here is one you might not have thought of – the historic cannery and interpretive displays at the Georgia Mountain Research & Education Center.   While you are there, you can browse the ethnobotanical and native plant gardens.  If history is your cup of tea, Union County has a lot to offer.
  4. Attend a Festival – There is definitely no shortage of festivals and events to attend this time of year!  Weather you prefer arts and crafts, green beans, or bagpipes, you need not look any further than right here at home in Union County.  And if large crowds scare you, consider one of a host of other local events that offer music, dining, gift items, and educational activities.  Those can be found on our online Chamber event calendar or by signing up for our weekly or quarterly events newsletter.

What’s your favorite Blairsville-Union County activity?  Chat with us on facebook at www.facebook.com/blairsvillechamber.   The Chamber is always ready to assist with planning your next weekday or weekend escape right here in Union County.   We can be reached by calling 706-745-5789 or online at www.VisitBlairsvilleGA.com.  You can contact me directly at President@BlairsvilleChamber.com.