Weekend Getaway to Blairsville, Georgia

Life is a peach when visiting Blairsville, Georgia. A weekend getaway is affordable and there are many activities to do in the area. Located in Union County, this is a great place to visit if on a honeymoon, a family vacation, or even just to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

This is a getaway that has something different to do every single day and just a weekend in North Georgia and the Blue Ridge Mountains will be a short stay to get everything done that people would like to do.

The landscaping in the area is absolutely stunning. The views are breathtaking and the Blairsville views change throughout the seasons making a weekend getaway to the area a must. The fall foliage is astonishing and the winter is cozy and a great time to spend by the fire. The summer is a great time to take in some water activities such as rafting or the springtime offers an opportune time to go for a hike to enjoy the nature and other recreational activities.

For someone that is looking for a place that there is an option to relax or to partake in several activities, Blairsville, Georgia is tucked away and is one of Georgia’s best kept secrets that needs to be told. There are many activities to do on a weekend getaway such as fishing, hiking, golf, rafting, swimming, canoeing, horseback riding and so much more. With two lakes in the area, there are many water sports that people can enjoy on their weekend getaway.

Another exciting draw to the North Georgia Blue Ridge Mountains and Blairsville area is the waterfalls. Several waterfalls are tucked into the Blairsville area. The DeSoto Falls located in Union County has a series of five fantastic and awe striking waterfalls and three of them are accessible right off the nature trail.

Falls on Waters Creek and Blood Mountain Falls are on the Blood Mountain Stream. Other waterfalls in the surrounding area include Helton Creek Falls and Trahlyta. The wonders of nature are captivating and miraculous as each waterfall site differs from the others.

There are several resorts in the area of Blairsville, Georgia in Union County in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia. Many are secret hot spots and offer top notch services. Some of the resorts in this area offer upscale amenities such as vineyards, wineries, hot tub cabins and a view of the gorgeous mountain region. This makes for a perfect romantic weekend getaway where a couple can relax and just enjoy each other’s company.

For a little bit more country weekend getaway, there are also cabins in the area. There are also area campgrounds in the Blairsville area where visitors on their weekend getaway can enjoy the Blue Ridge Mountains. The campgrounds are all owned and operated by the state of Georgia.

When in need of a vacation to check out of reality for a weekend getaway, Blairsville has it all. Whether it is to relax or to take in the scenery or to even go on a little adventure, the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Georgia has it all. It is a vacation unlike any other.

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